Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Due for Haircuts

This weekend we're going back up to Flag to see Dax before he takes off to the MTC and then to Boston, Ma. Sure, seeing Dax will be nice and everything. After all, we won't see him for another 3 years (we leave in a year. Do the math). But what we're most excited for is........ Hair cuts! Our hairs haven't been cut since the day we moved here. Our shagginess demands that we get haircuts ASAP! Gotta keep the missionary look ;)

Note from the Editor:
Dear Readers,
It has come to my attention that some will read the post above and be exceedingly astonished that we would claim to be more excited for haircuts than to see our soon departing brother. Remember that the nature of this blog involves a little bit of humor. We aren't actually more excited for haircuts than Dax. A beard trim maybe, but certainly not haircuts.


  1. First, everyone knows you can't grow facial hair, so that must be fake. Second, and possibly the best news for all blog readers everywhere, I have my own blog now! Go find it...

    P.S. I am getting a ride with the Solomons up to Flagstaff. Take luck!

  2. Nice! these sweet pictures look so easy even a cave man could do it..Tanner is that realy you or possibly the Gico cave man guy?