Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bryan's Song

After Bryan left, I felt a tribute video was in order.
No he didn't leave on his mission. He went to California.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wookie Errors and Jumanji

Have you ever made a mistake, only to hear coming from an onlooker's mouth the words, "Rookie error?" Now imagine if you made a mistake a hundred times worse? What would the onlooker say then? Chances are they would say, "Wookie Error!"
Wookie errors take their name from the hairy creatures from star wars that are known for their incredible strength and touchy temperament. A wookie error is like a rookie error, but worse; it usually involves accidentally hurting someone or something. For example: You go to put your arm around someone and you jab their eye with your elbow. Wookie Error!
Or how about the time the Stake President, after renewing someone's recommend, told them to go rip up the old one into 50 pieces and the person obediently did, only to find out they had shredded their son's recommend? Wookie error!
We all make wookie errors now and then. We accidentally knock down displays at the grocery store. We bash in our friend's car door while backing out the van. We pull out favorite plants thinking they are weeds. Wookie errors happen. Just try not to let them happen all the time.
Feel free to share a wookie error from your life.

In other news, we have discovered the origin of the swine flu. We were watching Jumanji and we observed that at the end of the movie two girls found the game. They must have opened it and started to play. Herein lies the explanation of the swine flu. One of the girls must have rolled the dice and read this message:

"Looks like you've rolled
the number two.
Have lots of fun
With the swine flu."

The swine flu will go away when those two girls finish playing the game... which we hope happens soon. I mean, according to the movie, they've been playing since the nineties. Hurry up already