Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day.... not!

This morning I was able to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, an activity in which I do not normally participate due to the limit on my meal plan. Apart from the pleasantry of being able to eat breakfast, I thought the day was going to be as normal as any other. You can imagine my surprise when upon walking into "The Eat Place" I realized it was decked out in full blown St. Patty's day celebration. Pictures of Leprechauns adorned the front desk and green banners that read "Happy St. Patrick's Day," were strung all over the walls.
"How come I didn't know it was St. Patrick's Day?!" I asked my self in confusion. I quickly raced back to my room to get my green tie on so as to not get pinched by those Irish enthusiasts. After making it into my room unpinched I asked Bryan if he knew it was St. Patrick's Day.
Turns out that I'm the only person who didn't know that St. Patrick's Day is in March. Why did the cafeteria have to confuse me like that?

PS Contrary to popular believe, we do love hearing from people

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Algebra Angst

They say math is easy because there are set rules and only one answer for every equation (turns out that's not true.) They say that math has an order and that once you understand the concept, you can work out any problem. I'd rather do art, and here's why:

College Algebra Notes February 2, 2009

"There are infinite counting numbers and infinity +1 whole numbers (I thought those were the same...). If there are infinity +1 whole numbers then there are infinity x2 integers. Between each integer is an infinite number of rational numbers, and an infinitely greater number of irrational numbers. For every real number, there is an infinite amount of imaginary numbers, though they don't actually exist."

And they say math is easy to wrap your head around.