Monday, December 15, 2008

Brent on Politics

Being home has provided us with a very unique opportunity to hear the thoughts of many people on the recent political goings on. One such person is the infamous political commentator, Brent Gilliland. Barely five years old, Mr. Gilliland has made a name for himself in the political world with his catch phrase "I'm not listening!"
Below is an interview with Mr. Brent Gilliland on the politicians, President Elect Barack Obama, and Senator John McCain. Please note that the views expressed in this interview are NOT necessarily the views of Bryan, Tanner, Barack Obama, John McCain, Brent's parents, blogspot, OPEC, the internet, the Whig Party, Walmart, or Taco Bell.

TB (Tanner and Bryan) : Brent, will you tell us about Obama?
BG (Brent Gilliland): Obama makes gas cost a lot.
TB: IN your opinion, what does Obama want to do?
BG: He wants to take over the whole city.
TB: The whole city?
BG: He wants to take over the whole city. And he just wants take over every house. And he is building mouses to get inside the house and light it on fire.
BG: Thank you Brent. I think we should move on. Tell us about John McCain.
BG: McCain just wants to find Obama. He doesn't like him. He just wants to put him in jail.
TB: Thank you Brent, I think we're out of time.

That Brent is the most intense 5-year old we've ever met. Other quotes from him include:
"[My sister] Tess is only 7 years old. My whole family thinks she's 8, but she's not"

"What's 9 plus 2?... 92!" and finally,

"They are not called Fritos! They are called Mac-neetos!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Song of the Appendix

I sit here now, I can not walk
Yet about my story I must talk
It started some time Friday night
When my stomach hurt, 'twas no delight
The whole next day I lied in bed
"There is no peace in my gut" I said
Round six o'clock I think it was
I made my way through the city buzz
And stopped inside the emergency room
A solemn place of constant gloom
The doctor came and looked at me
Then placed his hands on my tummy
He smiled and said "It's sure enough"
I nodded back and acted tough
Appendicitis was the causation
The surgery room my destination
With an IV in for rehydration
And a gurney for my transportation
They prepped me for the operation
That would remove the inflammation
What happened next is hard to tell
I woke up feeling pretty swell
And since then I have recovered
No more problems were discovered
They sent me home, that's where I am
Instead of taking my exams