Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why We Haven't Blogged: Yoko Oh No!

Please forgive the serious lack of recent posts. Its just that something has come up that has taken a great amount of time and energy from our creative endeavors. The Beatles once faced a similar situation with the addition of John Lennon's love, Yoko Ono. Wanting to spend every waking minute with John Lennon, she soon became an annoyance and then the frustration that led to the eventual downfall of the most famous rock group of all time. So, if you are disappointed in our lack of posts, blame Bryan's girlfriend.
Note from the Editor: This blog is intended to be humorous in nature. Negative remarks about Bryan's girlfriend are not to be taken seriously. She is a wonderful human being and we are thrilled to see them together. Everyone needs their own Yoko Ono.