Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First Date Kit. If you say it fast it sounds like "First Aid Kit." That's why it's funny

We all know how stressful and potentially awkward first dates can be. Maybe you have bad breath or stale jokes. Whatever your problem with dating may be, the First Date Kit....maybe can help. If anything, the First Date Kit's powerful placebo effect is clinically proven to possibly influence the general feeling of 8% of all dates.

Buy a First Date Kit today and we will throw in another kit entirely 30% free! Don't let your dates suffer any longer!

FOW: Dumb and Dumber

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friendship of the Week: the Avengers

In honor of the greatest movie ever we present this week's Photoshopped Friendship: The Avengers

                            Captain America and Iron Man

                            ....and Nick Fury....

Saturday, May 12, 2012

The (Photoshopped) Friendship of the Week

Friendship is what this blog is all about (it's also about playing with photoshop). That's why we have decided to start a regular "Friendship of the Week" section that will highlight famous friends from history. The very first friendship that we would like to honor and emulate today is the Mexican
 wrestling duo Nacho and Esqueleto.

If you would like to suggest a friendship to honor post a comment below. All suggestions will be considered, though we do not guarantee they will be used.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Relationship Status Wristbands

  Picture this: You are talking with a person of the opposite sex. You think the conversation is going well so you ask for their number. Then comes the dreaded response: "Oh sorry, I'm already dating someone."
  We've all been in similar awkward situations. If only there was some way to know beforehand the person's relationship status....
 Well now you can!

Relationship Status Wristbands, in all your favorite colors!

Never worry about those awkward moments again. Feel free to customize your bands with all of our different labels:
  • Single
  • In a relationship
  • Practically Engaged
  • Actually Engaged
  • Married
  • Single and Happy
  • Benefriend
  • Waiting for a missionary...or somebody better
Order yours today and never feel awkward again!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oven Mitt

 Realizing that Mitt Romney is likely to become the Republican Presidential nominee, we have decided to practice vulture...ahem... I mean, "opportunist" capitalism by selling Mitt Romney merchandise. So it is with great pride that we, the makers of Excellent Productions, present to you:

   The Oven Mitt!

For a limited time only you can get your own Oven Mitt for only $100.  To order, simply send us a check with a copy of your 2011 tax returns, your full name (so that you can be published as an official campaign donor), and proof of your political party affiliation.

Jump on the Mittwagon and make this purchase today!

The Oven Mitt will also look great with your Mitt Romney Flip Flops.