Saturday, May 12, 2012

The (Photoshopped) Friendship of the Week

Friendship is what this blog is all about (it's also about playing with photoshop). That's why we have decided to start a regular "Friendship of the Week" section that will highlight famous friends from history. The very first friendship that we would like to honor and emulate today is the Mexican
 wrestling duo Nacho and Esqueleto.

If you would like to suggest a friendship to honor post a comment below. All suggestions will be considered, though we do not guarantee they will be used.


  1. I want to be just like you guys

  2. loyd and harry from Dumb and Dumber

  3. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Here's the picture:

    Or you could use this one:

    Or even this one:

  4. I'm banned from youtube posts, facebook posts and myspace posts... time to get banned from blog posts!

  5. Johnny Quest and Hodgie! That way you can be racially diverse!

  6. Adam and Eve. Ok bad idea.

    Shaggy and scooby

    Logins and Mecina

  7. I thought of more.

    Gilligan and Skipper.

    Jim and Pam

    Oreos and Milk

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Donnie and Marie

    Bill and Hillary

    Bill Cosby and Jello

    George Bush and Dick Cheney

    Pluto and Goofy

    Indy and "Dad"

    Luke and Leah

    Taylor Swift and Tebow

  8. Race my friend, thank you. Not only did you give us great ideas, you also cracked us the library where one should not be laughing.