Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oven Mitt

 Realizing that Mitt Romney is likely to become the Republican Presidential nominee, we have decided to practice vulture...ahem... I mean, "opportunist" capitalism by selling Mitt Romney merchandise. So it is with great pride that we, the makers of Excellent Productions, present to you:

   The Oven Mitt!

For a limited time only you can get your own Oven Mitt for only $100.  To order, simply send us a check with a copy of your 2011 tax returns, your full name (so that you can be published as an official campaign donor), and proof of your political party affiliation.

Jump on the Mittwagon and make this purchase today!

The Oven Mitt will also look great with your Mitt Romney Flip Flops.


  1. I'm interested! Do you have any Mitt Romney bibs for sale?

  2. My favorite part is the "Mitt Romney Flip Flopper" flip flops!

  3. Wow, great ideas!
    Greetings from Berlin :)

  4. Maybe you should make Newt Gingrich tissues.