Friday, July 10, 2009

I Think We Got a Job

We are unemployed. That's all there is to it. We aren't earning income and we aren't making a living. Businesses just wouldn't hire two guys who were leaving in a couple months. I can't blame them.
For weeks we've been wondering how we could earn some cash. We've done a few odd jobs here and there, but still no substantial income. Then, the answer came. You see, we happen to know two small business tycoons who have a total monopoly on the neighborhood. What do they do you might ask? They are in the golf and beverage industries.
That's right, golf and beverage. Who are the tycoons? None other than our young siblings, Mason and Tess. Mason fishes golf balls out of the pond and sells them to golfers while Tess sells lemonade. Together they can pull in a hundred bucks a day! That's more than our combined tips at the golf course.
So how do we earn money this summer? We go to work for Mason and Tess.