Friday, March 20, 2009

The Best Deal

Can you believe that you can get a double flavored snow cone only 50 cents (75 cents if you want cream)?! We challenge anyone to find a better deal!

So a couple weekends ago Sterling Smith visited paid us a visit and we felt we must initiate him into the "I Love Fifty Cent Snow Cones Club."

We figured if we told people about the greatest deal in the world, or maybe just this side of the Mississippi, then more people would want to visit us.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Why We Build Temples

Here is a video the Church posted for this week's "Mormon Message." It is in response to an upcoming episode of HBO's Big Love that is said to depict temple ceremonies.

type in this address to see the Church's official statement about the episode:

Monday, March 9, 2009

An Apology to Our Readers

I sincerely ask for forgiveness from all those whom I have deceived over the years. I would not have done so if I had known the truth myself. Last night I was given a piece of information that changed my very identity. Since then I have been re-evaluating my life. What is this piece of information you ask? Here it is: The Gillilands are NOT Irish; They are Scottish. I am Scottish! All my life I have told people I was Irish. I have stood proudly, wearing green and eating clover... well, maybe not the clover part. But I have been proud of my heritage. Though, I admit there was always something strange about it. For some unexplainable reason I loved bagpipe music, I loved to watch caber tossing, Sean Connery was my favorite actor, I had an uncanny dislike for the British... okay that part may not be true either. Still, I knew I had Scottish tendencies, but I was too ashamed to admit it, afraid that I would disgrace my Irish heritage. Now it all makes sense. I am Scottish. I am Scottish!

P.S. Last night Bryan found out that he is African.