Saturday, February 7, 2009

Algebra Angst

They say math is easy because there are set rules and only one answer for every equation (turns out that's not true.) They say that math has an order and that once you understand the concept, you can work out any problem. I'd rather do art, and here's why:

College Algebra Notes February 2, 2009

"There are infinite counting numbers and infinity +1 whole numbers (I thought those were the same...). If there are infinity +1 whole numbers then there are infinity x2 integers. Between each integer is an infinite number of rational numbers, and an infinitely greater number of irrational numbers. For every real number, there is an infinite amount of imaginary numbers, though they don't actually exist."

And they say math is easy to wrap your head around.


  1. My friend, wait until you grace the wonderful tomes of Calculus. The knowledge in these books will astound any mind.


    Math sucks.

  2. Well, technically imaginary numbers are not imaginary, because if your square them you get the real number -1 and if your take them to the fourth power you get 1. So, I wonder if other imaginary things, such as girlfriends, if I have 4 of them does that mean I will have 1 real one?

  3. I think this is why the whole music/math connection is bogus.