Friday, January 16, 2009

How Many Ninjas Can You See?

Last night our newly created ninja clan went a-ninja-ing. Golden Blade (Tanner), Windsong (Race Davis), and Night Hawk (Bryce Bigham), the perfect ninja trio, frightened unsuspecting girls in the Goodman apartments. With night as their only cover, and the mind as their greatest weapon, the ninjas stealthily carried out their mission of wreaking ninjatical havoc.
Wearing a ninja outfit really does give you some amazing abilities. Bryce, for instance, can disappear in a flash and we won't find him for 10 minutes. Race, well, I bet no other human being can climb a pecan tree so fast. Me, I feel like I can jump/ cartwheel over anything.

I might grow out of doing this some day.

Alas, our ninja clan has no name. So please, tell us a good ninja name and we'll enter you in a drawing to receive 50.... high fives. Hurry, this offer is only good while supplies last.



  1. i vote the jade pagoda sesame chicken league.

  2. This is Race's mom. You guys are crazy but definitely cut from the same cloth! I am thinking that triopolis is a good name for your tribe. Tri- since there are 3 of you. If I miss counted then quadropolis would be more fitting. Have fun and stay out of jail!

  3. Based on your special skills, as your Sounse, I would call you
    See no evil!
    Tree no evil!
    Jump like evil Konevil!
    Divide and concur. Punish all that oppress and oppose. Make the Goodman apartment’s an unsafe place for other ninjas that dare to trespass or move in on your babes! (Assuming that you do have babes there of course) ….hand in fist motion and head bowed……hohyy!
    Words to live by……..Your Grate Uncle Todd