Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shoveling for Sweaters

Over the holiday break we were blessed with an abundance of the magical frozen white substance we like to call snow. How beautiful the sight of freshly fallen snow! The flip side to the splendor of the blanco blanket is having to shovel it off the driveway, and since we live in a quiet neighborhood full of retirees, there was much shoveling to be had.
On one sunny afternoon following some heavy snowfall, we were visited by our college friends Caitlyn and Sharla, and Caitlyn's two sisters. Bryan was shoveling the driveway of an old European lady down the street and in order to progress to the adventures of the evening we found it expedient to assist him in his shoveling effort.
In return for clearing her driveway, the lady, Alexandra (or Mrs. Doubtfire as we call her), gave each of us a sweater from 1980. "Don't worry," she said. "Fashions come back every 20 years." Unfortunately,it has been 9 years since the 20 year mark so now we have to wait until 2020 for our sweaters to come back in style. I don't know though, I think turtle necks are always the way to go!
I don't know if it's possible, but for some reason I got the idea that some people were a little embarrassed to be seen in their antique apparel.


  1. Who said you have to wait? YOU guys bring the style back!!

  2. dude i digq the turtle neck. who wouldn;t like those?!

  3. You know, those sweaters are the latest fashion here in Europe.

    haha just kidding ^^

  4. Tanner, your turtle neck looks amazing. I am green with jealousy.

  5. You're lookin' mighty fine in your turtleneck.
    I say wear it.