Saturday, September 27, 2008

Case of Missing Blog Post

Here's a question for any blog-savvy folks. Why are some of our posts disappearing? Remember the one of us in our work clothes, Dax going on a mission, Dad's house, and the one of us as farmers? What is happening?! Is our blog world collapsing? Please let us know if you have any information regarding the matter, or if you have money or food that you would like to give away.


  1. Hi Tanner! It is such fun reading your blog and keeping up on your college experiences. Perhaps you can convince Dalin to do a blog. I'm seriously jealous that you got a batch of cinnamon rolls. Grandma didn't get a chance to make any when we were there in August. Keep blogging so your family in far away Idaho can keep track of you. Love you!
    Aunt JeNeale

    By the way, check your archive setting on your blog. It's probably set to automatically delete old posts.

  2. Thanks Jeneale. How does one get ahold of Dalin anyway?

    As you can see, your idea worked. The case is closed!

  3. Tanner, this is your Great Uncle Todd...not sure that I am realy your Great Uncle but rather a Great Uncle that you have come to know and love! Making since am I....didnt think so, but niether does half of what I have read in your blog. Let me just start out by saying I love it! Reminds me of when I was young and full of piss and viniger. My Mom and little sister Carie both went ot EA. Niether were ever quite the same again, so there is some hope for you... to come back different than when you left! ha! Later days and better ways! Great Uncle Todd

  4. hey boys, was just wondering how the computers were working out??? and how life is at school??? This is mom johnson and I hope we get to see you at Dax's farewell we are trying to work things out so we can get there... all good in johnsonland...have so much fun for me....