Monday, September 15, 2008

Institute Dance

Friday night was our first Institute dance. The theme was High School stereotypes. People pretty much took that to mean: Any group associated with High School. For example, Joe was a teacher, Ryan was a foreign exchange student, Bryan was a Prom King (not Burger King) and I was a Lunch Man. Our other friends in the picture are Preston (the soccer shirt guy sitting down), Joyce in the black, Wendy as an Emo kid, Adrianna as a Cowgirl (who is getting baptized in October), and Shelby as a Gangsta. We had more fun getting ready for the dance than actually being there. We ended up leaving early to go play Ultimate Frisbee which can be seen below.
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  1. This cracks me up! Soooo fun! It is right up your guy's ally! I love it! Good work on all the posts too. I am thoroughly enjoying them! So did you get a camera? I am assuming not because of the culture post unless of course that is really you! :) If so have you constantly been in pain? You know all the growing pains. You look like you've grown a foot!