Friday, September 12, 2008

The Banquet

I (Tanner) just got back from a fancy scholarship scholarship banquet. I had to sit at Table 1 with the man giving me the scholarship. The whole thing reminded me so much of "What's Up Doc?" When I was introduced to the man, I saw his comb over and thought to myself "By the way, I love your hair." At one point I said, "Oh my goodness, there goes my napkin" when I accidentally dropped it. It was so funny. Too bad no one else was there to share in such a beautiful moment.
And just so everyone knows, "semi-formal" does NOT mean a polo and slacks! That's what I was wearing when I first walked in. I looked around at all these people in suits and got really scared. Luckily, I had enough time to run back to my room and grab a nice shirt and tie before the dinner started.


  1. You are absolutely hilarious!! I love this post! I wish so badly i and several others could have been there with you to enjoy such a great set up for fun, F-U-N banister! I was telling Wil that if you had name tags i bet you would be very tempted to put yours on upside down! How funny! ON a side note this picture of you really does not look like you, to me!

  2. Julie,
    I know that picture doesn't look like me. I had to stretch it to cover whoever's face actually belongs there. It is my worst photo-editing to date. I thought of you the whole time I was there. Your post made me laugh. I can't wait til we see you again. Nobody down here has seen that movie. Oh what a shame.

  3. HAHA I saw that picture and about died. I just barely saw that movie and LOVED it!

  4. Tan-Man,
    What's up Doc?! You covered up Steve's, I mean, Howard Banister's face. You know, in "sliding-down-the..." It appears you are testing your theory of vocal reverberation under spinal pressure. I'm glad to see that you are having small, reasonalble amounts of fun. Sis. Palmer thinks you are terific! Be good!
    Aunt Tami

  5. Oh, I forgot to add that it looks like Uncle Brent under that table instead of you! How about that!
    See ya!