Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Environmental Adventure

Every Tuesday for our Environmental Biology class we go on a field trip. Our teacher reminds us of Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo. Today on our adventure we saw a Gila Monster! I called out to him, "Gila Hank! We go to your school! Come back with us!" He didn't listen. Anyway, I think that's really cool since not many people get to see Gila Monsters. We also saw a millipede, but that's not as cool.


  1. I do log on to your blog and love hearing what you are doing.....sounds like just too much fun...but wait, can you have too much fun??...I think enjoy!! all's well in Meridian Idaho...hello from your cousins, Grandma

  2. Hey Tanner- your blog postings are cracking me up! Keep having fun there in good ole Thatcher! We love you! Aunt Anna and Uncle Bert