Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Fan Meets Tanner and Bryan

Tonight we got see Jon Schmidt, live in concert. Even our highest expectations were surpassed. Not only was he an amazing pianist with an incredible ability to improvise, he was also a quality entertainer. We thought we had seen the extent of his antics when he played a song whilst laying on his back with his arms crossed. However he surprised us by playing songs with everything from his head to his elbows to his feet. He danced, sang, performed a feat of magic and finished the encour with a backflip off the stage! What a guy. If anyone ever has the chance to see him, we highly recommend it.
On our way out of the building we noticed Jon signing cds near the doors. Luckily our friend Joyce had a camera. You know, a lot of people try to sneak a picture with Jon Schmidt while he autographs. It's not every day that he gets caught trying to sneak a picture with somebody else.


  1. hahahaha I was so there!! this picture is soo amazingly funny and great! I love it! I loved tonight. The concert was so good and he is so wonderful! I loved the broccoli song, the dumb song, the snoopy song, and all of them. He is so cool. You guys are o funny to take that picture with him and he's so awesome to do it too! yayaya!! we got his autograph! yay us!

  2. haha wow! that's awesome. i'm so jealous...

  3. some people take pictures with jon schmidt....jon schmidt takes pictures with you.