Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looks Like Tanner's Going Fishing

On the way back from dinner tonight I recommended that we take the elevator instead of the stairs. I was singing and spinning my keys around my finger. Suddenly my keys flew off my finger and started sliding towards the open elevator. In the middle of saying "I hope those don't fall down the shaft" my keys slid through the crack in the door and down into the shaft.
My room mates, Joe and Ryan, were happy to help me out, providing me with yarn, a clothes hanger, and photo documentary of the event. After some quick preparations, including removing a magnet from the cabinet door beneath the sink, we set off to go fishing. At first it was hard because the magnet stuck to the shaft wall, but eventually I persevered and retrieved my lost keys. Hooray.


  1. Haha. Only you could make that work.

  2. Tanner I loved reading this post. It made me feel so many different emotions all at once. I was so happy you were going to ride the elevator, because I love the elevator, and then I was sad because you dropped your keys, then I was scared you wouldn't be able to get them, then I was determined for you to get them, then I was exceedingly overcome with joy when you rescued them. It truely was a happy ending. I love fishing, so maybe you should drop your keys down there again and then invite me over...haha jk. I want to play!! ya ya!
    I love you!! Bye

    Breakfast @ Tiffany's

    p.s. Hi Bryan!!

  3. "you got any keys?"..."Looks like tanner's going fishin'"
    Tanner this is Hilarious! I love that this happened and that you posted it! Let me clarify that i am not happy that you had to be scared you would never see your keys again but this just tells the story of your life it seems! Always something to tell, i love it! And the post heading is the best! Congrats on your fishing skills, i am really impressed, although i am sure a few angels were on duty with that one! :)