Monday, October 13, 2008

Homecoming Surprise

We were excited to come back to school after our weekend in Flagstaff. Our sojourn at our home in the north lasted 3 days and we were a little worried about how our room mates were going to entertain themselves. Apparently, they had more fun than we anticipated. We entered our room only to see that all our furniture had been entirely rearranged to our absolute delight. Our joy was only matched by the joy that overcame Joe upon discovering that I got Dax's old cell phone.


  1. That video was amazingly funny! Did you guys have fun in Flagstaff?! ahh I'm so happy you got to go. I missed you guys. How is the room, back to normal? haha. I can't believe you have a cell phone now Tanner!! I am so excited-that's Spectacular! Bryan I saw you in the video Oh my Gosh you are a movie star! I need to come get your autographs! ya ya. Ok well have a great day guys. love ya!

  2. You guys should've left the room the way it was. I mean, all of that space!

  3. i want to meet the people you live with, they sound so special. Also to answer your question, the snitch in muggle quidditch is a person dressed in gold running around the field. i don't know if they tackle him or just tag him or what. i want to go to a game to see. i'll let you know.