Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Shingle Me Out

This is a post that pleads for equal rights for those who have been affected in any way shape or form by the dreaded illness, The Shingles. Don't shingle these people out! Don't give them one shingle disgusted look. Don't make one shingle comment about the need for a Shingles Ward. These people have been hurt enough! They don't need one shingle thing to make them hurt more than they already do.

The is the one shingle photo that our editor allowed us to take of him during his bout with Shingles. His girlfriend left him after this ordeal. He is currently shingle.

Those who comment on this post will be entered into a drawing to receive a shingle tee shirt:

Please, be considerate of those who suffer through the shingles.


  1. I had no idea that shingles had a two-face effect on its victims. We must combat this disease, and the disgusting discrimination that it causes!!!

    Has our gracious editor recovered from this ordeal?

  2. I read this earlier today and thought all afternoon about a funny pun using the word single or jingle or tingle or pringle or something. But alas, i could not. So bravo on a very very funny post.

  3. I feel like you could spin this in a positive way and create a life-long career en route. Commit heinous crimes, plunder, pilage, and take out those annoying do-gooders like Batman and Robin. Think about it!

  4. I will now think of you two every shingle time someone talks about Batman or Harvey Dent or shingles, pretty much all of the time. Every shingle second of the day.

  5. Like Race, I too could not think of a shingle thing to say that would be witty enough to match your post. 10 points to Griffindor for your creativity.

  6. OH MY GOSH this made me laugh so hard. I am so excited to stalk your blog.

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  8. i can't stop laughing!!! my head hurts :)
    love you,