Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things You Will Never Hear Us Say

So we saw a funny list online of things that you'd never hear a redneck say and it got us thinking. We decided to make a list of things you would never hear us say. Feel free to add your own.

1. I'm too full for dessert
2. Do these match?
3. Let's spend the day shopping
4. What a great Jonas Brothers concert
5. Jimmy Stewart movies are lame
6. You're right, canes are out of style
7. This sweater should've been destroyed in the 90's
8. Jeans need to be washed every day
9. I've had too many tacos this week
10 Of course Hayden Christensen was the best Star Wars actor
11. I just ran a marathon
12. 7th Heaven was better than Full House
13. Where can I find the latest Hannah Montana cd?
14. I'm too old for Disney movies
15. Indiana Jones isn't that cool
16. Stop being so happy
17. Musicals are not really my thing
18. I'm sick of board games
19. Make sure you knock before coming in
20. We should wait until we're invited
21. Baked goods are bad for you
22. Oh look, Sagittarius is out.
23. Don't pick that! It's a flower not a weed! (Sorry again Sister Henderson)
24. Let's see Space Chimps again
25. Free food doesn't taste as good
26. So our parents were reading our blog...
27. Add me as a friend on Facebook
28. Hotmail is better than Gmail
39. I'm not really interested in other cultures
30. Don't leave comments on our blog


  1. Words to live by!! Hope the mission prep is going well for you both:)

  2. hahahahah oh snap. that was funny. sagiatarius. psh. you DEFINITELY missed some though. for example: "lets rewind and rewatch CONDORMAN!"

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  4. Crap; now I have to copy you guys.....

    Also, you forgot some:

    31. Bollywood is such a waste of space.
    32. Have you ever seen a worse film than National Treasure?
    33. I'm just too tired to whistle.
    34. There's no way I'm going to be able to go to the Eat Place tonight.
    35. Grilled cheese again? Forget this, I'm not eating here.
    36. Few things are as horrible and evil as the R&R lunch buffet.
    37. Nah, I'd rather study than play Geometry Wars.
    38. Sean, turn the volume up when you play Call of Duty 4 tonight.
    39. Pfff, Mr. Raines is so overrated.
    40. You're using Firefox? You fool! Internet Explorer is so much better!

    OK, I better stop now.

  5. OK, I ghad to post one more:

    41. If I hear "Make A Man Out Of You" one more time, someone will pay!

  6. Bahahaha! That is so funny! I wanna try that but... I may be too lazy. Oh wait, i have one! #1. Jimmy Stuart is so great! :)

  7. I can remember Tanner saying something to the effect, "No, I don't want an ice-cream cone. I'm too tired." I thought I heard pig wings fluttering after he said that.

  8. bahahaha. these were great. also, wizard, those were some EXCELLENT additions. also, Curtis, I just want to hug you, but I know you would rather that I didn't so I really just want to shake your hand. Yay for Condorman!!! Also,Tanner you forgot #42 "Wendy will you please gleek on my face?" or #43 "I wish Wendy would have put more socks in my pillow case!" or #44 "If only Wendy was here to touch all my food and steal my belongings!"
    bahaha I love you guys!!!!!

  9. Man, now I'm inspired to do some for Race. I just can't help myself.

    1. "Wendy, you know how much I love it when you poof out your stomach."
    2. "Man, I haven't been this happy since Wizard wizzed on me."
    3. "Guys, why live in the Towers when you can live in Nellie Lee with the baseball players?!"

    I gotta write a book or something.

  10. Hey - I saw you two and Brent at the movies during space chimps. I don't want to see it again either.

  11. Bahaha. I was looking for pictures of Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and I came across this blogsite... This list is pretty awesome. Just to let y'all know. =)