Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gilliland Kids Say the Darndest Things

Here is a list of gems taken from my mom's journal that she kept for us when we were kids:

Mom: "Dax, do you have a dirty diaper?"
Dax (age 2): "Nooooo! Tanner did it!"

Tanner: These covers are so warm and cozy. It's made out of coze right?

Mom: Is Mommy's baby a boy or a girl?
Jade: A grandma!

Ronnie (age 3): Mommy....for some reason I went to Grandma's house.

Mason: When is Jesus coming down? I want him to tell us. How come he's not going to tell us? He can't stay up there forever!

Tess (when asked to take her diaper off and throw it away): But mom, then I'll have a bum!

Dax: Whatcha doin?
Dad: Shooting my bow
Dax: Why?
Dad: So I can shoot a deer
Dax: Why?
Dad: We eat the deer. We make hamburgers and steaks and other good things from deer.
Dax: Do you shoot trees?
Dad: No. Why?
Dax: Cause we eat apples

Tanner: Do you know who I love most in this family? Heavenly Father, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and Ronnie.

Ronnie: I know what these are.....[taps the side of her head as she tries to remember].....ummm... I skipped my thing.
Dad [laughing]: Yeah, I've skipped my thing lots of times.

Jade: If you didn't have bones you would be skinny, huh?

Mason: Police aren't bad...they just put us in jail if we are screaming loud.

Dax: Dad this frog is talking to me!
Dad: What is he saying?
Dax (rolling his eyes): Ribbit!

Ronnie: Can I change my birthday?

Dax: We wear shoes so our socks don't get dirty

Mason: Does everybody love their right hand? I just love my right hand. My left hand can't do anything.

Mom: How will you remember that?
Dax: I'll tape it in my head!

Tess (talking to Brent in his crib): Remember when this was my bed when I was two? Then Jesus helped me turn three.

Dax: If the Book of Mormon is about people who lived in America, then the Bible is about people who lived in where? Florida?

Dax (to Mom and Dad): Stop the kissing and the hugging! Why do boys always have to fall in love with girls?! I hate that! I hate that situation!

Dax: Do you know why legs are important? So we can climb trees.
Tanner: Yeah, and get fruit. We couldn't get none fruit if we didn't have any legs.


  1. Those are priceless!! What a wise mom to save all of those! :)

  2. These were great!!!!! I laughed! What a treasure, good job, Jen!!