Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ballad of the Tele-Surveyer

As many of you know, I, Tanner Michael Gilliland Esq., currently work at a call center doing telephone surveys. Much of my time is spent simply waiting for people to answer the phone. Ergo, I have lots of time to get the creative juices flowing. The words of this parody came to me as I labored last saturday in the call center. I'm going to give you guys a heads up. There's a line that says "And now my PR is a crying shame." PR is Productivity Rate which is basically how many surveys you do per hour. Since you get paid better if you do more surveys per hour, you learn to dislike when people take forever to do surveys. I've heard that if you have to explain a joke then it isn't funny. If that is true, then I have successfully un-funnied that joke.

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  1. On a scale of 1-10, an 11. That's right, I cheat the scale. Yes, I do plan on returning to this blog after today. Recommended changes? More frequent posting. You are hilarious! Keep being great.

  2. Classic tanner/bryan material. Classy way of begging for comments. I like it.

    I tell my friends about the excellent adventure.

    post more often.

    I had to type "unteming" to post this.

  3. On a scale from 1-7, with 1 being absolutely horrendous and 7 being superbly divine, how would you rate your experience as a telephone survey person?